Petey the Driftbot

Project Overview
Graphic Designer | 2020
It’s March 2020. The world is shifting to a fully-remote environment and businesses everywhere are looking for new ways to connect with their customers online. The marketing team at ProviderTrust was in the early stages of implementation of an automated chatbot for their website, but it lacked an identity. One question remained unanswered. Who were they?
My Contributions
Meet Petey, the ProviderTrust pup! In thinking of what should be the face of our chatbot, I felt the generic human silhouette was too impersonal. Users are much more likely to engage if they believe they don't have to talk to an actual person- which left the option of an animal! Everyone at PT loves dogs, so I figured, why not a dog? Once the team had a brand mascot to anchor their identity to, we were able to unlock the full potential of automated chat, building the chat experience around Petey as a helpful way for visitors to navigate the site.